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L'amour de l'art (35x32.5)

Berni Stephanus

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  • admin - Saturday 27 June 2020 15:36
    The boundaries - I call them grafts - are the essence of collage/montage. That does not mean that that there aren't hard edges, but it makes the collage function. Another point ist that too often collagists take the visual aspect of dada but ignore WHY the dadaists did so. Their works become so a pure formal work in opposition to what DADA hated - the emptiness of art. What we can see now are imitators, epigones, fakes, for ex. on Instagram. As the younger generations ignore who the artists were who started the the whole movement, they believe that putting a moustache on Mona Lisa is revolutionary etc. So I prefer, personnally, to live in an artistic margin than to howl with the pack.