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I am an artist born on January 31st in 1941 in Hannover, Germany. I didn't show any particular artistic gift and it's by a kind of miracle that I started painting at the age of 15. I don't have any explanation for it, except that my mother liked drawing , that I had an uncle and an aunt who were artists and a good friend from school who could draw anything he liked. At 19, I told my parents that I wanted to become a painter. As we came to no agreement, I accepted going to Switzerland in order to study translation. I accepted. But when I was there, I soon switched to the local art school, without saying it to my parents. When I got my diploma in 1964, my parents cut my living and I had to work and couldn't paint so much anymore. I soon went through a major crisis of inspiration and started collage after a long pause in 1967. From that time on, all my painting was done from collage. Later, having tried the mix of painting and collage, I definitely abandoned painting and am now exclusively on collage. For more information, please visit: